About Lash Lift, Eyelash Extensions and Semi Permanent Make Up

Lash Lift

A new service taking the world by storm is Lash Lift( LVL). It is a new innovative way of giving the natural lash curl and volume, with no maintenance required. It’s technique is different from the lash perm. We apply silicon rods on eyelids, lifting natural lashes up and using special lotions, the result is curlier natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions are applied individually on single natural lash. The lash extension is placed up to 0.5mm away from the skin so it makes the application very safe. We have very wide range of extensions, allowing us to give a tailored look for every person.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

We also offer Volume Lashes. With Volume Set we can achieve a beautiful fluffy look without weighing natural lashes down. The technique is slightly different from Classical eyelash extensions. Instead of applying single extension, we apply 2 up to 4 extensions on one lash. They are so fine yet give irresistible fullness.

To maintain fullness of eyelash extensions it is advised to come for infill every 2-3 weeks. During infill service, we remove the lashes that have grown out and replace the ones that have fallen out.

PS You no longer need to wait for 24h to wet your eyes after eyelash extensions service, thanks to improved technique. Only 3h and you are ok to go for a swim, shower or wash your face!

For the best results with any service we kindly ask to come to your appointment with no make up on.

Lash extension and infill PRICELIST

Semi Permanent Make Up

Selena has worked in the beauty industry for more than 13 years, in several countries. She qualified as a professional makeup artist and has work experience in fashion (catwalk and editorial), television and advertising.

Her interest in cosmetic tattoo came from wondering what makeup would be like if it were permanent. She studied this field at the BCM European School of Cosmetic Makeup (accreditate Biotek Formation), and later under Ennio Orsini, a world famous practitioner of dermapigmentation.

Selena uses a natural technique called ‘feathering’ or ‘feathered eyebrows’. Each strand of hair is coloured by hand, which means your eyebrows are completely customised to you. She uses the delicate techniques of powder shading and ombre shading to make sure each tattoo is perfect for each face.

The Eyeliner tattoo is perfect for those who want give a clear definition to their eyes. It has the power to make the eyes look wider and longer by adding ink above the lash line.