Eye Beautify is a cosy eyelash extension salon in Sydney, specialising in Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lift and Brows.

Located in Bondi Junction in Eastern suburbs, 10 minutes from the CBD by train or surrounding suburbs, best eyelash extensions nearby! Only 10 min walk from train station or free parking all day in front of the Eye Beautify- eyelash extension salon!

Eyelash Extensions specialists Marit and Kristiina have over 5 years experience in Classic Eyelash Extensions, Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions (2D- 6D volume eyelash extensions), Eyelash Extensions Infills, Lash Lift treatment, NEW and very popular treatment Lash Lift LVL Boost, a lash treatment to repair and nourish natural lashes. Services menu include eyelash tint, brow tint and tidy, eyelash extensions removal.

Eye Beautify uses highest quality products for eyelash extensions and lash lift. Our Eyelash Extensions products ( single semi permanent eyelash extensions, volume semi permanent eyelash extensions, eyelash tint and lash lift products) are all cruelty free. Eye Beautify is strongly against using any products that have been tested on animals.

Eye Beautify is also a proud user of the ORIGINAL revolutionary Eyelid and Eyelash Extension Cleanser by well-known ophthalmologist Dr Chrissie Cockinos .A revolutionary eyelid shampoo – an all-in-one cleanser perfect for use with eye lash extensions, Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser is a convenient, effective way to gently clean and condition the delicate eyelid and eyelashes.

About Lash Lift And Eyelash Extensions

Lash Lift

A new service taking the world by storm is Lash Lift( LVL). It is a new innovative way of giving the natural lash curl and volume, with no maintenance required. It’s technique is different from the lash perm. We apply silicon rods on eyelids, lifting natural lashes up and using special lotions, the result is curlier natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions are applied individually on single natural lash. The lash extension is placed up to 0.5mm away from the skin so it makes the application very safe. We have very wide range of extensions, allowing us to give a tailored look for every person.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

We also offer Volume Lashes. With Volume Set we can achieve a beautiful fluffy look without weighing natural lashes down. The technique is slightly different from Classical eyelash extensions. Instead of applying single extension, we apply 2 up to 4 extensions on one lash. They are so fine yet give irresistible fullness.

To maintain fullness of eyelash extensions it is advised to come for infill every 2-3 weeks. During infill service, we remove the lashes that have grown out and replace the ones that have fallen out.

PS You no longer need to wait for 24h to wet your eyes after eyelash extensions service, thanks to improved technique. Only 3h and you are ok to go for a swim, shower or wash your face!

For the best results with any service we kindly ask to come to your appointment with no make up on.

Lash extension and infill PRICELIST



Eye Beautify is the best place I’ve gotten my eye lashes done, the girls are amazing & it’s clear they have many years of experience!! My eyelashes look fantastic for many weeks after application and I constantly get comments of how good they look!
Kristina is my absolute go-to when it comes to lashes! Amazing service and the best quality lashes, highly recommend!
Amazing lashes and such friendly service! Best in Sydney!
I have been a regular customer of Kristiina and Marets for many years, from way before they established Eyebeautify. I have infills every 2-3 weeks and am 100% satisfied after every visit. The girls are true professionals, friendly and amazing lash extension artists. I highly recommend the Eyebeautify team.
Very nice! Good work and very soft. ? thank you again for your perfect work
Great salon and very professional service. I’ve been a few times now to have a lash lift, I absolutely love it
I had the Lash Botox here a couple of weeks ago. I had never been here before, nice comfortable reclining chairs to sit in. The lovely beauty tech Marit, talked me through the whole process, and suggested I only have a small lift, as my lashes are quite curly. She said it would be uncomfortable to have more as my lashes would hit my skin. I went with the expert. The process has a lift, tint and then the Botox goes on which thickens the lashes. I took before and after photos and the change is amazing! 2 weeks on they still look amazing. I never wear mascara now. I would recommend it to anyone
Got a lash lift done for a first time. Very friendly and professional service. Amazing results! Thank you girls
I absolutely love getting my lash extensions done at Eye Beautify. The girls are welcoming, friendly and professional. They use excellent quality lashes that last. The lashes really open up your eyes. The reclining chairs are super comfortable and it is a very relaxing experience. I will continue to go here to get my lashes done.
I lost Marit for a while when she left the place she worked at before and I was miserable but we found each other again and I won’t go any where else now. She did my first ever set years ago and is the best!!
One of the most amazing lash and brow technicians in Sydney! I highly recommend “eye beautify“ to everyone!
Such a nice atmosphere, the girls are super friendly & professional. Just an overall pleasant experience. Love my lashes!!
Absolutely love my new lashes. Never done this before and can’t get enough of them. Marit was incredible!
I have been seeing these girls for a few years now for lash extensions and I strongly recommend them to anyone! Both my mum and sister also see Kristina who is amazing! They are never pushy and always recommend the best, healthiest option for my lashes. Their studio is immaculate and their application is comfortable – I always feel at ease there. I had a lash lifts done there recently and LOVED it. It was nice to give my lashes a break from the extensions and it lasted for about 6 weeks. These girls are affordable and know their lashes!!
After seeing these girls for number of years now, I can say that they are the best lash technicians in Sydney and would strongly recommend to anyone. I have regular lash appointments and they also keep my brows in shape! Look forward to trying out lash lift in future as well when should have break from lashes, which will be very hard as the lashes are so beautiful!
Very professional and loved the look. Looking forward to trying the lash lift next!
I had a great experience, the lashes look really natural. Great location!
Without a doubt (after lots of trialling) this is the best place for eyelash extensions in Sydney’s east! Fantastic girls and service.
Relaxing Place , friendly Girls and always perfect lashes ????
Went and tried out the Lash Botox today. I have never had anything done to my lashes before other than wearing mascara. I had seen the results on one of my friends and decided to give it a try. As I have really sensitive eyes and struggle to wear mascara if I have my contact lenses in. The whole process was simple from booking on line to having the treatment done. Marit talked me through and suggested that I didn’t have too much of a lift as my lashes were quite curled to start with. I love the result, I can’t stop looking in the mirror. They look so long and pretty. Thanks again