20994236_1758963914132881_4057769737070253887_nAll the mentioned services are highly popular nowadays. It can become a little confusing at times.

Lets start with semi permanent classic eyelash extensions. These extensions are applied individually on natural eyelashes. There are a lot of thickness, curl and length options. The extension is picked up from the lash strip, dipped slightly in the glue and placed carefully about 0.5 mm away from the skin on the natural lash. The amount of extensions applied depends on how full the client wants the look to be. There are an average of 90-120 natural lashes per eye.

Volume Eyelash Extension are applied by attaching 2 up to 8 extensions on one natural lash. The extensions used are extremely fine to assure no damage for natural lashes. Technician will pick up more then 2 extensions from the strip and fan them out, following dipping in the glue and attaching to the natural lash. The look will appear a lot fuller and darker than the classic lashes. Volume extensions are highly recommended for clients with fair lashes,but still want to achieve fullness.

Lash Lift is a procedure to enhance the natural lashes. Lash Lift involves using specially designed rods where the natural lash is attached and therefor forming a curl. Lash Lift is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, since it doesn’t require any maintenance and results lash 6-8 weeks.