This is probably the first question that comes in mind, when you are considering eyelash extensions for the first time.Untitled

We all want longer, thicker, darker lashes, but is it worth it?


So you have decided to look into getting eyelash extensions. Let us make something very clear from the start. They actually are called Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions. There is no such thing as permanent extensions.


We have had clients call and ask if the lashes last for six months.

Some clients have come for in-fills and say that their lashes last two months. Well this is a big warning sign.



Losing hair is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. We lose hair so that new hair can replace it. The same happens with eyelashes. This is a perfectly normal to lose two-five natural lashes per day. As lash extensions glued on your natural lash, considering that it has been done properly you lose about two-five natural lashes per day. If the extension is on it, it also falls out. That’s why in-fills are recommended every three-four weeks. So if you think extensions being stuck on your eyelids for two months or more, this clearly is not good. Usually this happens when the eyelash extensions have been applied in clumps, used a lot of glue so even when the nat lash has wanted to fall out, it’s just all glued together.. That is when yes, your natural lashes will be ruined.


Let’s say you have had them done and they feel very heavy, poking your eyes and maybe even hurt. You need to get them removed asap.

That is a clear sign the extensions have been placed maybe too close to the skin, are attached together or natural lashes have been glued together. Sometimes it can be also as simple as using wrong extensions.

There are so many different thicknesses and lengths nowadays. It is the technicians responsibility to use something that will not harm the natural lashes.


Or now you have a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions, they look fabulous and feel like there is nothing on (which is the way it should be)

The very important thing about having a set of beautiful lashes is the aftercare. It is quite a luxurious service so you want to make sure to maintain them well.

If you start to apply heavy make up, even worse mascara and then remove that every night. You can expect them to fall out a lot quicker and also damage your natural lashes slightly. You don’t want to do any pulling, rubbing or picking near your eyes once you get these babies on.


So you see, there is nothing to be scared about J

If the extensions have been applied properly, aftercare is on top- you can walk around with beautiful lashes and know that your natural lashes will be just fine.