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Eye Beautify News


Eye Beautify will be expanding to Paddington. Appointments available on Wednesdays!


Don’t miss out on Make Up Special! 45 dollars instead of 80!


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Your Aging Eyelashes: 5 Ways to Younger, Fuller Lashes


As the proverb goes, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” And what could be more soulful than thick, lush eyelashes?

According to The Youthist“unfortunately, as you age you may notice that your lashes are becoming thinner and less striking without the use of makeup. Relax – there’s nothing wrong with you. Thinning lashes are a natural part of the aging process”.

However, “natural” doesn’t necessarily make thinning lashes “desirable.” Thankfully, there are ways you can reverse the signs of aging in your lashes.

Why Are My Lashes Thinning?

First, you may be wondering why your eyelashes have changed in appearance. There are actually a few reasons this may be the case.

As you may know, your hair growth patterns change as you grow older. And those changes aren’t limited to the hairs on your head – they also impact the growth and thickness of your eyelashes.

Another reason your eyelashes may show signs of aging is just normal wear and tear. There are many elements of daily life that can affect your eyelashes. Everything from saltwater and chlorine swims to just rubbing your eyes can change the texture of your lashes.

Eye infections, using mascara and eyeliner incorrectly and irritation of contact lenses will cause your eyelashes to age. Again, it’s a natural part of the aging process. But you want to know how to reverse it.

Here are the 5 best ways to fuller, younger looking eyelashes.

Use Cosmetics – Properly


Mascara can make a huge difference in the appearance of your lashes. New technology has led to the creation of lengthening mascaras, thickening mascaras, nourishing mascaras and more.

But it’s important to use your mascara the right way. Failing to do so can cause a lot of damage. For instance, never leave your mascara on overnight. It’ll cause your eyelashes to clump together and subsequently break or even pull out from the roots.

Instead, apply a pre-mascara primer to plump and protect your lashes. Then, select a gentle mascara to darken and extend. Never use the same tube of mascara for more than three months.

Try Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions take a while to apply, but the experience is actually quite relaxing. As you lie down, your aesthetician will apply an extension to each of your lashes.

There are two types of eyelash extensions– lengthening extensions and volume extensions. Both are semi-permanent, and you’ll immediately reverse the signs of aging lashes.

Semi-Permanent Eye Makeup


Several years ago, there was a “permanent makeup” craze. Women (and men) would have makeup tattooed onto their skin. And while this eliminated a lot of care in the morning, it certainly didn’t leave much leeway for changes in styles and fashion.

Now, there’s semi-permanent eye makeup. Should you choose this treatment, you’ll be rewarded instantaneously with younger, fuller lashes. The procedure is completely safe, and you’ll have color and other treatment options.

Condition Your Lashes


As we grow older, we lose some of our ability to retain moisture. You may have noticed it in your skin, but it’s also true for your eyelashes. One of the most telling signs of aging is dry, brittle lashes which are prone to breakage.

Avoid this by conditioning your lashes. First, do a simple skin test to rule out allergies. Then, apply a thin layer of coconut oil to your lashes. Avoid the lash line, as this may clog your pores. Leave the coconut oil on overnight, then wash off with a mild facial cleanser in the morning. Repeat this two or three times per week for fuller, younger lashes.

Nourish Your Eyelashes – And Your Eyes


Your eye health is critical to the health and thickness of your eyelashes. Nourish your eyes from the inside out.

Omega 3 fatty acids provide the structural support your eyes need. They’re also necessary for maintaining fluids (read: moisture) in your eyes.

Beta carotene is a pigment found in peppers, carrots and other foods. Consuming beta caroteneisn’t just good for your eyesight. It also helps to protect the surface of your eyes. That means fewer infections which impact lash health.

Finally, visit your optometrist every one to two years. She can catch any disorders of the eyes which may affect aging. Preventing aging of the eyelashes before it starts is the best way to younger, fuller lashes.

Author: David

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Self Esteem

The definition of self-esteem is a confidence and satisfaction in oneself or a confidence in one’s own worth or abilities.

We all lack it sometimes. And some of us have more than others. It is that inner voice telling us we are worthy (or for some not worthy). It has nothing to do with how intelligent we are or how talented we are but more to do with how we approach a situation.

So, what does it look like to live a life full of high self-esteem and what are some of the ways to improve it.

We will begin with the benefits

  1. You have the confidence to be yourself and you do not feel you need to alter who you are or what you believe in to satisfy others.
  2. You are able to accept disagreement without it concerning you. You do not feel you need to agree with others for acceptance.
  3. You do not require the approval of others as you are happy with who you are. You realise you cannot please everyone all the time.
  4. You do not feel the need to be perfect as you realise that this is pretty unobtainable, beside the mistakes we make are what make us the person we become.
  5. You accept that everyone makes mistakes and you don’t hold grudges against people for making them.
  6. You are more optimistic and have a positive outlook on life as opposed to a pessimistic view often held by those suffering from low self-esteem.
  7. You do not fear uncertainly and in fact embrace change and new opportunities and look forward to seeing the outcome of these, even when you don’t know what that outcome may be.
  8. You accept that you do not know everything and are open to learning. You realise life is a journey and there is a lot to discover so you keep an open mind, so you are open to opportunities to gain more knowledge.

There are many reasons why people suffer from low self-esteem, but it does not have to stay that way. There are many tools and techniques that can be used to improve it but mostly it comes down to consistency.

Here are some tips to help improve your self esteem

  1. Watch your internal dialogue – yes that little voice inside that wants to bring you down or make you feel unworthy. When that chatter starts up, just stop for a moment and take a breath. Try to think of a time when you did feel happy and confident.
  2. Change your routine. Add exercise into your weekly routine. It has been proven time and time again that getting the endorphins pumping increases our sense of self-worth.
  3. Don’t be a complainer. This just reinforces the negative feelings that you are having. Also complaining to other people can create isolation as others do not want to be around someone who is always negative.
  4. Do not be critical of yourself (easier said than done sometimes I know). Be kind to yourself and realise that you can’t change everything overnight. It is all about small steps and being consistent. Make a list of your good qualities and focus on them instead of what you are not so good at.
  5. Take time out and learn to relax. Give yourself time each day just for you. It may be reading a book or going for a walk, or doing the gardening. And it does not have to be for a long time. Learn to unwind.
  6. Remember to treat yourself every once in a while. This is giving you the permission to let you know you are worthy. It is taking time out to say – hey I deserve this reward just as much as anyone else.

Remember improvements come in small steps, unfortunately not overnight. But anything we have to work hard at is always so much more rewarding anyway and has longer lasting results than instant success!!


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How to Get Bigger, Brighter Eyes in 4 Easy Steps

Collage_FotorGreat little tutorial from Elle to show how to get bigger, brighter eyes with make up.

Everything is achievable with make up!

Here is the link:

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Eyelash Extensions Application

Here is a short video to show how eyelash extensions application is done at Eye Beautify.

We always start the procedure by washing lashes/eyes first. It is essential to have clean lashes before eyelash extension application. This will ensure the bonding of the extensions will be stronger.

We use cooling and comfortable eyepatches during the procedure. For us it is important to hide the lower lashes so we won’t have to deal with sticking them together. The extensions application itself is very relaxing and pain free. Most of the client end up having a nap.

Once we have applied the lashes, we dry them for a little bit and remove the patches.

As seen on the video it is a very calming procedure!

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Difference between Classic/ Individual Eyelash Extensions, Volume Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lift

20994236_1758963914132881_4057769737070253887_nAll the mentioned services are highly popular nowadays. It can become a little confusing at times.

Lets start with semi permanent classic eyelash extensions. These extensions are applied individually on natural eyelashes. There are a lot of thickness, curl and length options. The extension is picked up from the lash strip, dipped slightly in the glue and placed carefully about 0.5 mm away from the skin on the natural lash. The amount of extensions applied depends on how full the client wants the look to be. There are an average of 90-120 natural lashes per eye.

Volume Eyelash Extension are applied by attaching 2 up to 8 extensions on one natural lash. The extensions used are extremely fine to assure no damage for natural lashes. Technician will pick up more then 2 extensions from the strip and fan them out, following dipping in the glue and attaching to the natural lash. The look will appear a lot fuller and darker than the classic lashes. Volume extensions are highly recommended for clients with fair lashes,but still want to achieve fullness.

Lash Lift is a procedure to enhance the natural lashes. Lash Lift involves using specially designed rods where the natural lash is attached and therefor forming a curl. Lash Lift is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, since it doesn’t require any maintenance and results lash 6-8 weeks.

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Do Eyelash Extensions ruin your natural lashes

This is probably the first question that comes in mind, when you are considering eyelash extensions for the first time.Untitled

We all want longer, thicker, darker lashes, but is it worth it?


So you have decided to look into getting eyelash extensions. Let us make something very clear from the start. They actually are called Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions. There is no such thing as permanent extensions.


We have had clients call and ask if the lashes last for six months.

Some clients have come for in-fills and say that their lashes last two months. Well this is a big warning sign.



Losing hair is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. We lose hair so that new hair can replace it. The same happens with eyelashes. This is a perfectly normal to lose two-five natural lashes per day. As lash extensions glued on your natural lash, considering that it has been done properly you lose about two-five natural lashes per day. If the extension is on it, it also falls out. That’s why in-fills are recommended every three-four weeks. So if you think extensions being stuck on your eyelids for two months or more, this clearly is not good. Usually this happens when the eyelash extensions have been applied in clumps, used a lot of glue so even when the nat lash has wanted to fall out, it’s just all glued together.. That is when yes, your natural lashes will be ruined.


Let’s say you have had them done and they feel very heavy, poking your eyes and maybe even hurt. You need to get them removed asap.

That is a clear sign the extensions have been placed maybe too close to the skin, are attached together or natural lashes have been glued together. Sometimes it can be also as simple as using wrong extensions.

There are so many different thicknesses and lengths nowadays. It is the technicians responsibility to use something that will not harm the natural lashes.


Or now you have a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions, they look fabulous and feel like there is nothing on (which is the way it should be)

The very important thing about having a set of beautiful lashes is the aftercare. It is quite a luxurious service so you want to make sure to maintain them well.

If you start to apply heavy make up, even worse mascara and then remove that every night. You can expect them to fall out a lot quicker and also damage your natural lashes slightly. You don’t want to do any pulling, rubbing or picking near your eyes once you get these babies on.


So you see, there is nothing to be scared about J

If the extensions have been applied properly, aftercare is on top- you can walk around with beautiful lashes and know that your natural lashes will be just fine.

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Winter Beauty Care

beautiful-winter-girlWinter can really mess up your skin, hair and everything else! The cold dry air will make your skin dry and hair brittle. We tried to look up on internet for some tips in which products should be used during winter compared to summer. Surprisingly almost every product you are or are not using should be swapped accordingly to the weather. Now if you are more of a low maintenance girl like we are, try to be more creative. For example coconut oil can be used for quite a few body parts, instead of buying moisturisers for every single part of your body. Following is a summary of the tips from the article. If you’d like more details, click on the link.

Face Wash
If you only make one change to your skin-care routine, switch out your face wash. It sounds like a little thing, but “swapping a foaming cleanser for a creamy one is often all it takes to help skin adjust to colder, drier weather,” says Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

Facial Moisturizer
As a general rule, creams hydrate better than lotions because the ingredients that make them creamy also form a physical barrier that traps moisture in skin.

Eye Cream
The same creamier-is-better rule applies to eye cream. Bonus: Since the skin around the eyes is thin, the extra hydration really plumps up fine lines.

Body Wash
Using a moisturizing body wash (like Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash) is obviously a good idea. It sounds gross, but if you also stop sudsing up areas that don’t need it every day (like your arms, legs, and stomach), they’ll be even less likely to dry out.

Body Moisturizer
Since body moisturizer a) only works if you use it and b) is mind-numbingly boring to put on, you might as well find one that smells so good, you’ll actually look forward to applying it. Keep an eye out for body butters, especially ones that are so rich you can turn the tub upside down without any cream falling out—perfect for rehabbing dry patches.

Your hair isn’t puffy now that summer is over (yay!) but “with less moisture in the air, it’s probably limp and staticky,” says Matt Fugate, a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Downtown in New York City. Replace your usual defrizzer with a hair oil that “smooths the hair without giving you a drowned-rat look. Rub a few drops through the ends when they’re wet and on unruly spots after they’re dry.”

For the rest of the tips and also detailed product list head to the website:

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How to take care of your Beautiful Eyelash Extensions

aftercareEyelash extension shed according to your natural eyelash growth cycle. The average life span of an eyelash is between 90-120 days, growing for 30 days and resting for 60 days, after that they start to naturally fall out, and a new growth cycle begins. On average a person naturally loses 1-5 eyelashes every day.
The other factor how long your eyelash extensions last is aftercare. It’s very important how you take care of your lashes between the infills.

The most common cause of lash extensions falling out before the end of your lash cycle includes use of oil based products such as oily creams and makeup removers , excessive touching, use of excessive amounts of makeup around your eyes and frequent exposure to heat such as saunas, spas and bikram yoga. Do not use too much mascara on top of your eyelash extensions. If you must , use water- washable mascara, apply it only to the tips of your eyelash extensions or bottom lashes. When you wash your hair do not allow hair products to run on your face.

Gently wash your eyes daily with water or lash shampoo to remove debris and oils around your eyes to prolong the life of your lashes and encourage their growth.
Avoid using cotton swabs what can get stuck between your lashes, always use sponge applicator, makeup brush or simply gently clean your lashes using your fingers. Always pat them try and avoid rubbing them.
Groom your eyelashes with clean mascara wand.

Do not use mechanical eyelash curler, it will cause damage of your natural lashes and lash extensions.
Eyelash extensions come in many different lengths and curls. Your lash technician will discuss with you what kind of look you after and what would suit for you best.

Try not to sleep on your face. If you are side sleeper, you may want to consider using silk pillowcases. They wont rub or get stuck in any loose fibres, making them less likely to fall out during your sleep. Side benefits, a silk pillowcase will let your face glide more smoothly, and they also have added bonus of preventing wrinkles and reducing hair breakage. It helps your skin retain moisture, reduce your chemical exposure and it’s naturally hypo allergic.

To maintain full look , schedule your infill every 2-3 weeks.

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LVL Lash Botox from the clients view


LVL Lash Botox

I was lucky enough to try out the LVL Lash Botox today. It was a first for me, I hadn’t even ever had lash extensions, but a friend had tried it and it looked amazing, so I thought why not give it a go. So off I went to the salon, I couldn’t find someone to look after the 2 children so they came along as well. Marit had said that was completely fine.


The salon is nice, looks very clean and inviting, and there are 2 comfy looking reclining chairs. So I sat down in one and Marit took me through the process. Which basically is an eye lash lift, then an eye lash tint, and then the last part of the process, was the Lash Botox.


So the lash lift, Marit suggested the smallest amount of lift, because it was my first go at having anything done to my lashes, and that it could be uncomfortable if they hit my lids. It felt a little weird, but you get talked through the whole process, and they tell you what is going on all the time. With the lash tint, I just said do what you think. Then the Botox, this is the longest part of the process, it takes about 10 mins.


Well the finished result was amazing, I was so glad that I took before and after photos, as I could really tell the difference, but I couldn’t stop comparing. I keep looking in the mirror to see the difference. I will have it done again. I wear contact lenses and mascara irritates them. Also as a busy mum, I don’t like to have to wear makeup all the time. So now I don’t have to wear mascara. This is great for me. The comments that I have had about my eyes have been great.

Thanks again Tammy


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