LVL Lash Botox

I was lucky enough to try out the LVL Lash Botox today. It was a first for me, I hadn’t even ever had lash extensions, but a friend had tried it and it looked amazing, so I thought why not give it a go. So off I went to the salon, I couldn’t find someone to look after the 2 children so they came along as well. Marit had said that was completely fine.


The salon is nice, looks very clean and inviting, and there are 2 comfy looking reclining chairs. So I sat down in one and Marit took me through the process. Which basically is an eye lash lift, then an eye lash tint, and then the last part of the process, was the Lash Botox.


So the lash lift, Marit suggested the smallest amount of lift, because it was my first go at having anything done to my lashes, and that it could be uncomfortable if they hit my lids. It felt a little weird, but you get talked through the whole process, and they tell you what is going on all the time. With the lash tint, I just said do what you think. Then the Botox, this is the longest part of the process, it takes about 10 mins.


Well the finished result was amazing, I was so glad that I took before and after photos, as I could really tell the difference, but I couldn’t stop comparing. I keep looking in the mirror to see the difference. I will have it done again. I wear contact lenses and mascara irritates them. Also as a busy mum, I don’t like to have to wear makeup all the time. So now I don’t have to wear mascara. This is great for me. The comments that I have had about my eyes have been great.

Thanks again Tammy